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Evaluate Your Own Driving Skills

This site provides a complete self-rating form of questions, facts and suggestions to improve your safe driving. 

Driving Self-Evaluation logo Helping Seniors Drive Safer and Longer

This online resource provides information, resources and advice for mature drivers and their families.

CarFit logo Helping Mature Drivers Find Their Safest Fit


CarFit is a free educational program that offers mature drivers the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles "fit" them. Call your nearest AAA office to schedule an appointment.

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RoadWise Rx

Roadwise Rx is a tool designed to help you learn more about your medications and how they may affect your driving.

Medications have both intended and unintended effects on your body, effects that can change based on other medications you're taking and foods you eat. Not only do these factors affect how you feel, many can also impact your ability to safely drive.

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