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Why choose AAA Driving School for your driving refresher?

The RoadWise Driver course for seniors has been created by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to construct a robust curriculum packed with countless useful tips, proven methods, and practical knowledge for seniors to use while driving. Fueled by science and backed by research, this program provides tools to help seniors maintain their independence and reduce risk on the roadway.

  • Interactive curriculum
  • Up to 10%* discount on your auto insurance
  • Gain confidence in your driving skills

Classes and Rates

AAA Senior Driver Improvement Program: Classroom Courses

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Class AAA Member Rate Non-Member Rate Enroll

8-Hour RoadWise Class

Introductory course
Completed in two 4-hour sessions

$25.00 $30.00

Enroll Online
8-Hour Classes

Call to Enroll

4-Hour RoadWise Refresher

For those who have completed the 8-hour class
Refresher required every 3 years

$21.00 $26.00

Enroll Online
4-Hour Classes

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*Contact your insurance provider for discount details

Take Your Driving Refresher Class Online

Class AAA Member Rate Non-Member Rate Enroll Online Returning Students
Pick up Where You Left Off

8-Hour RoadWise Class

Introductory class for those who have not taken a refresher course before

$25.00 $30.00 Start Online Class Continue Online

4-Hour RoadWise Refresher

For those who have completed the 8-hour class; refresher required every 3 years

$21.00 $26.00 Start Online Class Continue Online

Classroom Courses

Our classes will help you maintain your mobility independence and keep you driving in a safe manner for a longer period of time.

Classroom Course Schedule

Online Courses

Our RoadWise Driver online driver’s course is packed with the most up-to-date driving techniques and information on the latest vehicle technologies. 

New Students: Enroll Online Returning Students: Continue Online


Seniors are among the safest of drivers, but are also more likely to be killed in a car crash due to age-related fragility and health issues. 

Senior Driving Resources

"We found the class very informative - much better than the other senior classes we've attended." 

-Sandy and Ray

"Both the class and instructor were outstanding.  I really learned a lot."


"Loved the mix of videos, course materials, and the instructor." 


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