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Passports: U.S. citizens are required to carry a valid U.S. Passport when leaving or entering the country including trips to Canada and Mexico.

While AAA does not process passport applications, we can provide you with the resources to make the process easier. AAA members also receive a discount on passport photos in the AAA Travel Store.


In addition to a valid U.S. Passport, some countries require visitors to have a visa.

AAA's preferred visa partner is Travisa. Visit their website to find out if a visa is required, print required forms, and pay for processing.

AAA members get exclusive promo rates by entering account code AAA00603539093R in the Global Service Order Form.


Foreign Currency: Order foreign currency and have it shipped to your door. Online orders can be paid by credit card, while in-store orders require cash payment. Please allow 1-2 business days to receive your foreign currency.

AAA MemberPay Visa®: Prepaid Visa Debit Card offers travelers a safe and convenient alternative to travelers checks and cash.

International Travel

International Travel Guides: Information on every country in the world including entry and exit requirements, health and safety information, and more.

International Drivers Permit: Valid in over 150 countries, the permit translates your license into 10 languages. Available at your local AAA office.

Before You Go

SMART Traveler Enrollment: Register your trip to allow the State Department to better assist you in the event of an emergency abroad.

Passport Health: Several convenient locations in Minnesota to provide travel immunizations. 

AAA Travel Store: Stop by your local AAA office to shop for an assortment of luggage, travel accessories, guide books, and more.

Travel Insurance: Your vacation is an investment. Be sure to protect it.


TSA Prohibited Items: Can I bring that on the flight? Find out here.

TSA Pre✓®: With a 5-year, $85 membership through TSA, you can speed through security and don’t need to remove your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts, or light jackets.

Disabilities and Medical Conditions: Access important information and resources for travelers with disabilities and medical conditions.

How to sign up for TSA PreCheck

How TSA PreCheck Works

TSA PreCheck can significantly reduce the time required for security screening.

If you travel – even if only occasionally – you may be interested in enrolling in the TSA PreCheck program.

TSA PreCheck passengers have access to a separate TSA PreCheck security lane, allowing them to by-pass the lane with non-TSA PreCheck travelers. When it is time to go through security, TSA PreCheck travelers don’t need to remove their shoes, belts or light jackets, or take out laptops or approved travel liquid containers from carry-ons.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of TSA PreCheck and how to enroll.

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