Travel Agent Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson

Travel Advisor
St. Louis Park (Headquarters)
Chris's office hours vary. Contact him for an appointment.
About Me
  • I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and began my travel career as a child.
  • I've been working at AAA Minneapolis since 2015.
  • I attended the University of Minnesota with a double major in Archeology & Anthropology, and I taught English abroad.
  • I’ve traveled extensively in Eastern Europe and the European Mediterranean as well as to the Baltics, Caucasus region & Russia, Persian Gulf States, Central America & the Caribbean, Australia & Pacific.
  • I've traveled and toured 67 countries and I’m still counting.
  • I enjoy learning about different cultures, geography, and people of the world.

Expertise: River & Ocean Cruises  |  Exotic, International Travel to Islands of the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean, Caribbean & Pacific  |  Vacations packages to Eastern Europe, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Australia & Central America  |  Escorted Vacations

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