Passport Tips for Your Honeymoon Trip

Renata Faeth

Should I travel with my married name or maiden name?

If your honeymoon is planned for a departure date within six months of your wedding, we recommend traveling under your maiden name. There are a couple of sound reasons for this: First, it takes a few days to get your marriage certificate after the ceremony, which you’ll need to change the name on your passport. Renewals and new passports can take up to 8 weeks to process, depending on the time of year. Second, the name on your passport should match names on all other forms of identification, like driver’s license and credit cards.

Check Your Passport Validity Dates

US Passports issued to those over the age of 16 are good for ten years from the date of issue, but most countries require they have at least 6 months validity remaining beyond the departure date. It’s easy to miss this, so make it a habit to check it before making any travel plans.

How should I carry my passport when I travel?

Hint: Not in your back pocket. AAA recommends carrying important documents and credit cards in under-clothing travel pouches, or in an anti-theft cross-body bag, like those made by Pacsafe. Check out all our travel store items at any of our Hennepin County AAA Travel Stores.

Do I need a Visa?

A Visa is a country’s special endorsement, stamped into a passport, allowing the holder permission to enter for a specific period of time. Not all countries require US Citizens to obtain a visa, but if you’re not sure, check the State Department for more information.

Check and double check

Before you leave a hotel room, restaurant, airplane, or taxi-check to make sure you have all your personal belongings. Make a habit of returning important items to one place no matter where you are. Carrying a small cross-body anti-theft bag goes a long way to alleviating the hassle of lost items.

Make a color copy of your passport and leave it at home with someone you can contact if you lose it. You can also a copy in an internet folder like Evernote, where it can be accessed from any terminal.

Planning a Destination Wedding or Honeymoon?

We can help you plan and book the destination wedding or honeymoon of your dreams, whether that is relaxing on a sun-soaked beach in Hawaii, trekking through South American rainforests, or hitting the slopes in the Swiss Alps. Contact one of our Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Travel Specialists!